DENTAL TOURISM IN BULGARIA- Travel, airport transfer and accommodation

The dentists in DentalArt offer a wide variety of dental-care services, ranging from dental cosmetics, dental implantology, oral surgery to treatment of periodontal diseases and dental prosthetics. In our practice, we use high quality materials and modern dental technologies of world-class value, thereby achieving excellent results.Our team is fluent in English and will be happy to help arrange every aspect of your treatment plan, full support for reservation in chosen by you hotel transfer from the airport. Partners clinic offering qualified guide according to chosen destinations.

First make up an appointment with our team / e-mail , contact form or phone call /.Then book your flight from your destination to Sofia Airport. Тhen let us know your flight number , date of arrival, how much time you have.

Our partners will meet you at the airport at the appointed hour, will take you to your chosen hotel will accommodate you . Depending on your treatment plan will transported to the clinic and will return to the hotel.

Please see the links of the hotels we work on our home page and we will gladly keep your desired destination and services !

Schedule of Dental Treatments

For you and for us it is extremely important to know how much time is needed to complete  your treatment plan. Here you can see in the diagram how long it will take to implement specific procedures and sample treatment plan. You should know that the following examples are only a guide, you always have to ask our team about your particular treatment plan.

You can begin your treatment on any weekday except christmas holidays. Our team and laboratory work throughout the week during your stay to complete all pre- chosen treatment plan. There are some treatments / tooth extractions, root canal treatments /  which can’t be seen in advance and so they can change or extend your treatment time.


1st day – arrival and accommodation

2nd day – consultation, examination , dental intervention and specific procedure till noon , free time afternoon

3rd day – check-up, departure


1st day – arrival and accommodation

2nd day – consultation,examination, placing implants

3rd day – if it is necessаry  bone grafting and placing another implant, check-up , giving instructions how to prevent infection and departure .

! REMARK !  – Implant superstructures, crowns or bridges are set after the healing time (3-6 months) on the implant.


1st day – arrival and accommodation

2nd day – examination and preparation of the teeth, placing temporary crowns if needed, free time in the afternoon

3rd day – leisure time activity, visiting sights

4th day – free time, excursion if you want

5th day – leisure time activity

6th day – fitting of the ready dental restoration

7th day – check-up , departure


1st day – arrival and accommodation

2nd day – examination, preparation, taking impression

3rd day – check-up, taking second impression, free time in the afternoon

4th day – free time for sightseeing

5th day – free time , afternoon if necessary try-on

6th day – fitting of the ready dental restoration

7th day – check-up, making corрections if necessary, departure

COMBINED DENTAL RESTORATIONS / specific inhibitory elements, combination of crowns,bridges and partial denture /  10-12 days

1st day – arrival and accommodation

2nd day – examination, consultation and preparation

Day 3, 4 ,5 – leisure time for sights

6th day – trial and taking impressions , free time afternoon

Day 7- 10 – leisure time for sights

11th day – trial and finishing the constructions

12th day –  fitting of the finished dental restoration , check-up , departure

If you have further questions about the treatment plan presented or other issues,do not hesitate to contact the clinic . We will respond to all your inquiries

DentalArt has two dental offices and own dental laboratory in two different towns in Bulgaria. First office is in the second largest city in country- Plovdiv,second office is in Velingrad- SPA capital of the Balkans.

You can receive full mouth restorations with high quality dental materials and work during visiting our beautiful country and all that at very affordable prices. You will return back home with your dream smile and with pleasant and enjoyable holiday!

DentalArt center provides comfortable and welcoming environment with friendly and personal touch to each one of our patients. We focused on both the aesthetics and function to create beautiful, naturally looked smiles..

DentalArt center provides also a wide range of oral health care services – from routine check- up and cleanings to aesthetic dentistry and dental implantation.


We know how important to your personal and professional life is an attractive smile so our main goal is to help you look and feel your best .

We use the very best tools and materials for diagnostic , planning and treatment which makes procedures more comfortable, efficient and painless.

We have our own dental laboratory managed by highly qualified and experienced dental technicians.


After hours, weekend and school holidays, In case of dental emergencies involving
  severe pain, swelling, and/or bleeding  please call 0359876 860 166.
  Emergency treatment appointments are available through out the day.

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